Do Trees Near a Building Cause Problems?

Homeowners may be concerned about trees situated near to their property and the consequences of structural damage caused by growing roots or subsidence. The truth is that most trees will cause no damage to modern buildings and precautionary action isn’t be required.

However, in some cases, the presence of a tree next to your home can lead to a major problem. In adverse weather conditions, the possibility that the main trunk could break and collapse the tree onto the property is also a concern.

Because of this potential threat, it is advisable to have a professional tree surgeon evaluate the condition of trees near to your property every few years or so.

They will be able to provide an experienced assessment of the tree’s condition and likelihood to cause structural damage, potentially saving you costly repairs in the future. This evaluation is beneficial for lowering insurance costs also.

Do Trees Near a Building Cause Problems?

Potential Problems Caused by Trees

Subsidence – Subsidence is the process where the earth’s surface is altered or sinks completely, something which can obviously affect a building’s foundation. Some cases can be more serious than others, but all should be treated with primary cause for concern. Possible signs of subsidence damage in are evident with uneven floors or cracks in the wall, usually around windows or doors.

The reason for this problem is due to the tree taking up too much moisture from the soil, thus making the ground shrink in response. Roots will thus grow longer in search of more moisture and can spread dangerously near to a building. Larger trees such as willows and oaks are more likely to cause subsidence than others.

Root Growth – Root damage can become an issue in itself, especially as the problem is not observable to the eye. If unchecked, tree roots can cause cracks in driveways and block drains, especially those not watertight. In order to prevent this from happening, there are a few possibilities to explore such as pollarding, creating an underground physical barrier or releasing slow-release chemicals to stop the spread.

It is recommended you seek expert guidance when it comes to dealing with roots so no permanent damage is caused to the tree itself.

Falling Branches – In the event that taller trees are overhanging in proximity to your property, you may be concerned about falling branches that could cause significant damage to roofs and gutters. You should be able to identify hazardous trees relatively easily, even from a neighbour’s property, and act accordingly to remove branches safely via a tree specialist.

Do trees near a building cause problems? A summary

If you are concerned about a tree nearby to your property it is best to seek expert advice on the potential risks and how to minimise them.

In some cases, permission must also be obtained from the local council to modify certain trees and others may be subject to a Tree Preservation Order.

If you want to discuss the questions “do trees near a building cause problems?” in more depth, or you’re looking for a tree surgeon in West London then please do get in touch.

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